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you say "no, it isn't working"

So Gabby and I went to the fair Saturday. *I* had fun but.. she has a weak stomach. v.v Therefore I didn't get to ride any good rides. But oh well. My family was visiting. Matt, Christian, Jesse, and his girlfriend Rose. So very white trash. It made me feel shame for them to act like that in front of Gabby. Oh welll. xD
Nothing else interesting has happened except for Bizkit texted me saying he "missed my smile". Stupid. xD
Also, Madison's butt is perfect.

As a side note here, me and Preston are pretending as if nothing ever happened. Which in a way is good I guess. But at the same time it makes me think it meant nothing to him at all, then my feelings get hurt. ._. Sigh. But at least we're still best friends... Also, I feel nothing for him like that, so don't take it as me missing him because I honestly feel a little better.