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we used to be three and not just two

Okay, reality. Stop knocking at my door. Leave me be. v.v
Predictably, Preston and I made up. Who saw that one coming, right!? ._. Shelby no gusta. I'm tired of his crap with girls. He's an amazing guy, but when it comes to girls, he's the biggest jerk I know. It's annoying. I'm tired of hearing about Kelly. (who by the way hates me for NO REASON AT ALL.) The whole situation is just upsetting. Kelly just got done dating a CHICK. Not that I'm a homophobe, because I'm not, but if Preston wants to be a super-Christian then he might want to have a straight girlfriend. Just saying. And also, he wonders why Gabby doesn't like him. Hmm. I wonder.
Rant end.
Madison is a far-off dream. Somebody like him would never date someone like me. And I absolutely cannot blame him. Still, though. I mean.. he did say I was beautiful the other day. But not like that. more like.. "Hey do I have marker on my face? I fell asleep in Geography." "Nope you look beautiful". Friendly. Which he is to me. But nothing more. So, really I just need to give up. Ohh welll. Use to it.
So what did you do this weekend Shelby?
Well, I'll tell you.
I went to the Basement with Joshie I think.. last weekend. I don't remember. Pretty unremarkable except that I saw a guy standing funnily and snapped a picture.

Me and Gabby checked out early from school Friday to go to a LC pep rally. Some guy named Cowboy Troy was there. I guess he was supposed to be important. I saw everyone and their brother.



Scenic Fayetteville square, impressive, I know.
Me and father went to go see 'Arthur and the Magic Sword', which failed to meet my expectations, but it was ok because he took me to Olive Garden.
Then yesterday Father took me a Tristan to go see a movie named Courageous.... Holy heifer. We were all bawling. So intense.<3
I guess that's about all I have to say.. v.v Wish I had some good news. Maybe there will be tommorrow.