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we sing. we dance. we steal things.

Well there are two big topics to be covered in this journal. Cody again, and Lexington. We'll start with the happy one, Lexington. xD
Lexington was AMAZING. I had such a good time. We saw all the sights, and we didn't fight once. A record. xD
We started out with Olive Garden as soon as we got there (after a 5 hour drive xD). And it was wonderful. I freaking love Olive Garden. Then we went to a 'suprise' destination that I already knew about. ;) Which didn't make it any less wonderful. It was the UK Art Museum. <3 It really inspired me to get off my rear and work on my art again. There were some truly amazing artworks in there. My favorites are the ones that have a real meaning behind them that's detectable for the viewer. That's the kind of art I enjoy. After that, I got my first mani-pedi! :D And it was great! Although the women at Number 1 Nails don't really speak English. It was confusing and humiliating, but in the end it was worth it. Then I went to bed on a nice comfy air mattress. The end of Day 1.
Day 2 was slightly less amazing, but it was still pretty great. We went to an exhibit called Bodies Revealed. It was mind-blowing. They had just about every body part you can think of, and then a cancerous version of it. Amazing!! My favorite (and the most sad) were the fetuses. They had one of just about every stage. The bones were dyed red so you could see them developing. I absolutely do not care what anyone says, those were human beings. After only 6 weeks you could already distinguish it's different parts. It made abortion even more disgusting for me. Then we went to the wedding of Ace and Andrea. Andrea is really nice. And hilarious. xD Especially when she's tipsy. The wedding itself was beautiful! I even almost cried, and I barely know them. But the reception was AWFULLL. There was no one there my age. So I sat on a barstool and watched everyone get drunker and drunker and drunker. xD It was funny. But at the time I was just mad that my dad was making us stay. We didn't even know anyone. Then we trotted around the mall for an hour. The end of Day 2.
Day 3 we met Ace, Andrea, their parents, and another couple whose names I can never remember at a breakfast place called Ramseys. Then went home. :B Yum. Pictures time!

(This is the lobby of the Art Museum. Impressive!!)

(A bench outside the Art Museum that really caught my fancy. xD)

(These next pictures are just me screwing around at the hotel)

(Under the stairwelll)

(Frankly. I just like this picture. xD)

(You can see the hotel in this one. We were walking to Number 1 Nails.)

(Mandatory deep mirror picture.)

(Father on the way to Number 1 Nails.)

(This is the place where Bodies Revealed was. We had quite a fun time trying to figure out what floor it was on.)

(My manicure! You can't really tell, but they're music notes. My phone takes awful pictures.)

(Me and Daddy at the hotel before the wedding.)

(The less glamorous side of Lexington. I loved the way the picture turned out.)

(Another picture I just like.)

(There are tons of shops like this in Lexington! Selling merch for the college. According to Ace, almost everyone in that town goes or has gone to that college. I believe it, because two thirds of the people were wearing UK gear.)
Daddy took some more cool pictures, mostly of the wedding. But I haven't gotten him to email them to me yet, so I'll post those whenever I get them. Sorry to whoever has to scroll through this journal!
Now about Cody. xD Lord. So Cody won't let me go. He messaged my FATHER on facebook. I won't claim that these are direct quotes, but he let me read them and this is what was said.
Cody: hi.
your daughter had some harsh words to say to me the other day.
My dad: I heard that you had some harsh words to say about her. Maybe yall should just not say anything at all if you can't say anything nice.
Cody:Man, I'd hate to say it, but your daughter is BS'n you.
Then he blocked my dad so he couldn't reply. xD But that isn't all.
I texted him today to see what he had to say for himself. This time he didn't plead ignorance. These are the messages that were sent. :B

Me: Cody. please. forr heaven's sake. i just saw what you said to my dad on facebook. for the love of God, get over it leave me alone, leave my family alone, and stop being INSANE. it's creepy that you're obsessed with me. and you didn't get me in trouble if that's what you were attempting to do. you just made my father more clearly see that you are insane and obsessed. leave me alone. that is all. xD

Cody: Who is this.

M: oh how many people have you done this to that you'd have to actually guess who this is? how many people's fathers have you contacted? are you slow or something?

C: Oh its u. Dont text me.

M: Yeah it's me. believe me, i don't want to text you. but listen, leave me alone. you're getting very creepy now. i think you just lack social skills, but enough's enough. if you want to hate me for nothing, that's absolutely fine, i genuinely couldn't care less. but please leave me alone about. i never understood why you hated me in the first place. also, stop claiming to be a christian while you're off trashing people behind their backs. you're giving us a bad name.

C: Shelby.. Do not text me back.

M: i want an apology.

C: Welp. U aren't getting one...

M: okay, then at least tell me why?

C: Cuz u dnt deserve one.

M: No, I mean why are you doing this? why did you tell katie those things? and why did you contact my dad?

C: Dont text back.

M: I'll text you whenever i please. tell me why.

C: Im at the dentist later.

M: No. because i know you won't. tell me now.

C: L8r.

M: if you don't tell me later, i'll just text you tommorrow. because i want to know how you justify your craziness and obsession.

C: Okay. Sorry, I was getting a spacer, now im sorry. LEAVE ME ALONE!! IVE GOT A BETTER LIFE TO LIVE. Without you.

M: Obviously not with your need to harass me :B now tell me why.

C: I said sorry, thats all I have to say.

M: If i hear about you saying my name one more time, i'm going to tell my dad to call the school because it's harassment and it shouldn't go unpunished. he wanted to the first time. goodbye.

C: Thank god! your off my damn back.

M: shut up cody, you started it xD

C: Shut your f***ing mouth b****. If you wouldnt have texted me, and left other ppls business alone, we would have been okay b****.

M: you're the one who messaged my dad on facebook sweetheart. let's not call names, that just makes you sound stupid. xD stop getting upset over what you did.

C: Goodbye. All i got to say.

Intense, I know. xD If it happens again, I'm seriously going to tell my dad to call the school. He needs to be punished for just being a jerk to me continuously for no reason. Annoying and frustrated for that little spoiled brat to be at my throat all the time. He slammed his head into my locker door the other day. And Gabby tripped him on the bus. Oh Gabby. xD