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Breathing Air that Ain't been Breathed Before

{Shelbyus Hoppum}
I have the most amazing church family in the world. My two best friends and I are the Nerd Herd, NH for short. I have a beautiful cat, named Georgey Paul. I can sit for hours upon hours drawing or reading or playing Sly Cooper, but usually movies are unbearable. My favorite color is orange. Very, very orange. God has given me much more than I deserve. I have a passion for quotes. And cats. I'm a huge animal lover, but dogs and rabbits make me nervous. My family is something else. My biggest pet peeve is people who are hateful to others for no reason. Kidding is one thing, being a cowardly bully is another. I lovelovelove milk. I hate confrontations, and I avoid them at all costs, but sometimes they must happen. Despite this making me sound boring, I'm not, you just really have to be careful about how you describe yourself because it can and will come back to bite your rear if you show any amount of hypocrisy. Maybe I'm just a really pompous normal 14 year old girl though. Shout out to my family (both biological and other) and friends: Granner, Father, Mother, Tristan, Gabby, Kate, Victoria, Preston, Edward, BroRo, Mrs. Pam, Rhonda, Ashley, Thomas, Jessie, Jordan, Johnny, Fluffy, all my basememt-kid friends, and the darlings in my childrens church class. I love you all. :)