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Aug. 8th, 2012

Full Name: Ivy Elizabeth Delaney.
Pronunciation: I-vy e-LIZ-a-beth de-LA-ney.
Origin: In this age, almost every girl is named after a flower, and every guy is given a biblical name.
Title: Miss.
Signature: small, thin, neat semi-cursive.

Gender: Female.
Gender Role: Feminine.
Orientation: Straight.
Real Age: 17.

Immediate Family: Raised by grandmother primarily.
Distant Family: She has a mom (Jasmine), and a pappy (John), a brother (Mark), and a half-brother on her dad's side (Matthew).
Upbringing: Her grandmother had strong Christian values, but wasn't judgmental of Ivy for being non-religious. She was taught to be true to herself.
Infancy: At this point in her life, Ivy's family was fairly normal. She was babied at this stage because she's much younger than Matthew and Mark. But it was at this stage that her parents first began to argue. Her brothers adored her.
Childhood: The fights got worse and worse until finally, her mother left the family at age 6. The family was broken in two, but the four remaining members stayed under the same roof, until their father's anger issues drove out Matthew and Mark, leaving only Ivy to deal with him. Eventually, she too was driven out around age 11. She moved in with her grandmother (called Granner, real name Rosemary) and was treated exceptionally well there.
Adolescence: Ivy grew up to be very intelligent and mature, making her extremely socially awkward around people her age. She was quickly labelled a 'nerd', but this didn't bother her, in fact she embraced it. She did very well in school and was at the top of her class. At this point it became clear that she was a genius. She had a small, close group of friends. Her past issues didn't bother her much, as she began taking on everything with pure logic and reason. It could be said that she was emotionally retarded throughout her teenage years, and far into her adult years as well. This, too, made it hard for her to connect with others. When the flu hit when she was 15, and everyone around her died all at once, it furthered her difficulty with expressing her emotions. She survived by a chance immunity and her genius alone for about a year, until she met up with Rose, Daniel, and Joshua. She gained their trust fairly quickly, but she was slow on giving her trust to all but Joshua, who she had an instant connection and attraction to. Eventually she developed a complex relationship with Rose, who she helped to remember her humanity. She developed a big brother-little sister type of relationship with Daniel, who became very protective of her. Her relationship with Joshua was clear but unspoken and not physical at all until she reached adulthood.
Adulthood: She, Rose, Daniel, and Joshua find the oasis they so searched for for years in the hills of southern Tennessee, her home state. They eventually establish a community and try to find other survivors. They are successful in this. Many people come to their new town in the forest, dubbed Hope Town. She and Joshua eventually have three children later on in their lives. She and the rest of the group stay very close to each other, and they and their families all live in one large house together. They stay together to the end of their days.
Coming of Age: She was always mature for her age, but she truly grew up in the year after the flu in which she was surviving all alone.
Evolution: She eventually learned to not rely on logic alone, she learned to be human, and feel.

Ethnicity: White, various European ancestors, as well as some Native Americans.
Facial Type: Rectangle. High, strong cheekbones, strong jawline.
Eye Color: Black, large, droopy eyes with heavy lids.
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Hairstyle: Very spiky, cut longer on one side than the other. She did this by accident while cutting her own hair and decided she liked it.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Makeup: After the rebirth, makeup is decided to be frivolous except on special occasions.
Body Type: Average size. She was slightly chubby before the flu.
Build: Tall, long legs and arms, slightly awkward in her youth but learned to control her body with elegance as she got older. Body proportionate on top and bottom.
Height: 5'8"
Cup Size: D.
Shoe Size: 9.
Birthmarks/scars: She has some minor scarring on her hands and arms from her love of cats, and a tiny nick on her chest where her mother scratched her when she was very young.
Distinguishing Features: Large, droopy, heavily-lidded eyes. Brows fairly low and straight, not thick or thin. Slightly hooked nose with a bump in the bridge, narrow. Full lips. Rather large front teeth. Dimple in her chin. Hardly ever shows much emotional in her face. Usually in a pleasant middle ground.

Health: Healthy, by necessity.
Energy: She prefers to stay at home most of the time. She's fairly low-energy and laid back.
Senses: Horrible hearing, made up for by exceptional sight.
Allergies: Lortab.
Handicaps: Bad hearing. Also not able to run very far, due to some bad joints in her ankles and knees, maybe caused by her massive growth spurts. Unable to kill wild animals, even for food, because she's a massive animal lover. Unable to kill anything, really.
Phobias: Inexplicable fear of rabbits. Horrible fear of being abandoned, which can make her be a bit clingy at times, but that's widely acceptable in a world where people value each other's company so much. She, like everyone else, is also afraid of another flu that they won't be so lucky as to have an immunity to it.
Addictions: The company of people, even if it's silent company.
Mental Disorders: Everyone in this world is paranoid to a certain degree, and she is no exception. Also severe abandonment issues due to her parental situation and her year of solitude.

Style: Despite it being an essentially post-apocalyptic world, she tries to dress in a stylish, yet very practical way. She uses it as a sort of connection to the old world.
Grooming: She kept herself dressed well even in her year of solitude. It was a connection to the old world. She even kept shaving.
Posture: She stands very tall, with good posture. She holds her head high.
Gait: She's a slow walker, and very careful in her movements.
Coordination: She's slightly uncoordinated throughout her adolescence, but as she gets older she becomes almost elegant.
Habits and Mannerisms: She holds her hands in a odd, dainty way, almost always having her fingers held up. She bites her fingernails. She almost always has her lips slightly parted because of the size of her teeth.

Mood: She's usually in a fair mood, but as she is very young still she does have days of mood swings. But because of her relative maturity and her tendency to focus on reason, these mood swings are very minor.
Attitude: At first she was very untrusting of Rose and Daniel. Prior abandonment issues and a year of being completely alone caused this. But above all she desired company, so she slowly learned to trust. She was well liked immediately by them. She now has a very good attitude toward people she's just met, as they all feel a sort of camaraderie.
Stability: She's very stable, usually.
Expressiveness: She's slow to show emotion, and often prefers to be objective to a situation in order to better understand the bigger picture.
When Happy: Very talkative, mouth parted always, more social and touchy, where as usually she doesn't liked to be touched all that much.
When Depressed: Completely silent, mouth firmly closed, cries only in private, usually doesn't share this emotion.
When Angry: Talkative, willing to share this emotion, clenches fists.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: She and the group are currently nomads, looking for a place for permanent residence. She hates this situation, as she is naturally a very homey person.
Community: The world is pretty scattered, as more than 99% of the population was killed by the flu, and even then more died who were unable to care for themselves alone. People are ever seeking each other's company and forming tight-knit groups of other survivors.
Family: No surviving family.
Friends: She is very good friends with Daniel and Joshua. She and Rose have a more complex relationship, because of Rose's initial desire to leave her behind, feeling that a 'kid' would be useless and only hinder them. She later teaches Rose to remember her humanity.
Enemies: No enemies.
Bosses: The group's leader is Rose.
Followers: None.
Rivals: At the beginning it was very clear how she and Joshua felt about one another, but she later learned that he has (unrequited) feelings for Rose before her arrival, and she felt slightly threatened, but got over it quickly.
Relates to: Everyone in this world can relate in a very real way.
Pets/Familiars: She has a cat named Turnip, who also survived. He is a small, energetic, kitten-like cat. He's gray and white with bright green eyes. He stays with Ivy until the end of his days.

Wardrobe: She generally wears a tank top or two, floral prints being her favorite, and capris or shorts, since it's a hot climate in Tennessee. She wears Keds tennis shoes. Cost is not a problem to her, for obvious reasons, so she's free to raid malls for good quality clothing, provided she can get past the amount of bodies in most of the malls. She likes indie styles.
Equipment: Various tools for gardening and cutting, as well as basic survival items.
Accessories: two rings on her left hands that were given to her by her mother when she was a child. She wears no other decorative items, but she does paint her nails.
Trinkets: She carries a bag on her back with an indian-esque colorful design on it.
Home: No current home, but later when Hope Town is established, she, Rose, Daniel, and Joshua share a longhouse type structure with only a few rooms, one for each couple.
Neighborhood: Almost none currently, but when Hope Town is established they have a very close-knit community.
Transportation: Usually walking, sometimes horseback if enough tamed horses can be found.
Collections: She hoards books in her bag, but is reluctant to tell the others in fear they'll think it's frivolous to do so.
Most valuable possession: Money is irrelevant in this world.
Prized Possession: Her Lord of the Rings books.

Lovers: She had few boyfriends before the flu. The only serious lover she ever has is Joshua.
Marital Status: She and Joshua are together. After the flu, the general opinion was that titles like boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife were useless. They are committed only to each other, but don't call each other anything but their partner, which means committed. Non-exclusice relationships aren't called anything.
Sex Life: Non-existant until Hope Town.
Turn-Ons: She's very attracted to intelligence and compassion.
Turn Offs: Arrogance, ignorance, willingness to take the easy road out.
Virginity: She remains a virgin until Hope Town, when she and Joshua settle down.

IQ: Very high. Genius.
Education: Unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to get anything above a 10th grade education because of the flu, but has a love of learning, and therefore continues to read textbooks and things to continue it herself.
School: School was a pleasant experience for her. It was very relaxed.
Grade: Straight A's.
Special Education: On the high honor roll every week.
Social Stereotype: Nerd.
Degrees: Never earned a degree of any kind.
Extracurricular Activities: Big artist. She's pretty unable to express herself in words, so she states her emotions through art.

Religion: Not a part of any organized religion, but she believe in a god of some kind. She believes that God wouldn't be as judging and black and white as the one presented in the Bible. She keeps an open mind.
Morals: She's very moral. hardly any cursing, even, although that's more a matter of wanting to be taken seriously as an intellectual. Doesn't believe homosexuality is wrong. Does believe abortion was wrong, but of course, that's an issue of the past for her. Was saving herslf, as she doesn't believe in casual sex, until marriage, but that institution was more or less destroyed by the flu.
Crime Record: None.
Motivation: Survival at a time like this. Her love for her friends.
Priorities: 1st: The well-being of the group. 2nd: Turnip's well-being. 3rd: Her own well-being.
Philosophy: "Life is a crazy.. unpredictable thing, and we humans are probably too dense to understand anything at all. I think we should all just try to help each other out and keep ourselves happy, and all the comple
Political Party: (Ex: Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative)
Etiquette: (How good our your characters manners? Do they bow or chew with their mouth open?)
Culture: (Any things your character may do specific to a certain culture. [Ex: Bowing in Japan] Do your research on this one or you could offend people. )
Influences: (Who or what inspires your character to change? Do they influence anyone else?)
Relates to: (Who can your character relate to?)
Traditions: (Does your character sit around the table with their family? What holidays do they celebrate?)
Superstitions: (spilling salt, knocking on wood)

Main Goal: (Driving force in the story. May be subject to change.)
Minor Goals/Ambitions: (What is your character trying to accomplish?)
Career: (What would be your character's dream job?)
Desires: (What does your character want?)
Wishlist: (What material items does your character want?)
Accomplishments: (Did they succeed in any goals?)
Greatest Achievement: (Self Explanatory)
Biggest Failure: (Self Explanatory)
Secrets: (Everyone has at least one)
Regrets: (Self Explanatory)
Worries: (What do they worry about?)
Best Dream: (What would be the best thing that could possibly happen to your character?)
Worst Nightmare: (The worst thing that could ever happen?)
Best Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])
Worst Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])

Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character like to do for fun?)
Skills/Talents: (Similar to hobbies, but refers to the level of skill a character has. For example, a character could like playing violin but isn't very good at it or vice versa.)
Likes: (What does your character like?)
Dislikes: (What can't they stand?)
Sense of Humor: (Dark/dry/witty/sarcastic/dirty/childish/sophisticated/ironic)
Pet Peeves: (Similar to dislikes, only more relating to human behavior than specific objects. Ex: When people tap on things or when people say "You're not fat!" when you really are)
Superstitions/Beliefs: (Does your character believe in conspiracy theories or aliens? Do they throw salt over their shoulder or knock on wood?)
Dreams/Nightmares: (What do they dream about? [at night])
Quirks: (The strange little things that your character does to make them unique. Ex: Sleeps with their feet on the pillow or runs their hand along a pole as they walk beside it.)
Savvy: (What is your character particularly well-informed of? [Ex: Politically, nature)
Can't understand: (Something they just can't get into, such as English literate or obsession with sports)
Closet Hobby: (Something that your character likes but isn't too obvious.)
Guilty Pleasure: (You know...)

Strengths: (What makes them stand a bit above the crowd? [Ex: Courageous, good listener, calm under pressure] Not supernatural abilities.)
Flaws: (Refers to negative personality traits, not a weakness. Make sure it's a deep flaw that could actually affect your character, not something trivial like "She can't dance". [Ex: Lies constantly, socially backwards, hot-tempered])
Perception: (How does your character generally see the world?)
Conflicts: (What issues make your character want two things, but they can't have both?)
Instincts: (What they are unconsciously driven to do)
Lures: (What are they inexplicably drawn to be near? Ex: Power, money, the helpless)
Soft Spot: (Their vulnerability, what they feel sorry for or have particularly good feelings toward)
Cruel Streak: (What makes a character act against their usual morals, and act especially mean? (everyone has something that can do this to them))

Powers/Abilities: (Here is where to put any superhuman powers and other abilities your character possesses. Be sure to balance them out with weaknesses, or your character loses credibility. This section may be optional depending on what genre you write.)
Origin: (How did they get their powers?)
Source: (How do they use their powers? [ex: shoots fire from hands, can read minds with their ring)
Ability: (How adept are they at using said powers?
Weaknesses: (Make it something that your character exclusively is weak to, and keep it credible. [Ex: A 4-headed radioactive dinosaur is not a credible weakness.])
Immunities: ([Ex: cannot be burned] Be very careful with this one.)
Restrictions: (An absolute necessity for those with supernatural powers. [Ex: Can only breathe fire when angry or can only cast darkness spells twice a day])
Alternate Forms: (Transformations, shape shifting abilities, dark side, ect.)
Extra Anatomy: (Such as wings or a third eye)

Favorite Colors:
Favorite Animals:
Favorite Mythological Creatures:
Favorite Places: (Ex: Fav City, State, or Country)
Favorite Landmarks: (Ex: Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore)
Favorite Flavors: (Ex: Vanilla, Sour, Strawberry)
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Characters: (Not one of yours)
Favorite Genre:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Games:
Favorite Shows:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Bands:
Favorite Songs:
Favorite Sports:
Favorite Stores:
Favorite Subjects:
Favorite Numbers:
Favorite Websites:
Favorite Words:
Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

Least Favorite Colors:
Least Favorite Animals:
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures:
Least Favorite Places:
Favorite Landmarks:
Least Favorite Flavors:
Least Favorite Foods:
Least Favorite Drinks:
Least Favorite Characters:
Least Favorite Genre:
Least Favorite Books:
Least Favorite Movies:
Least Favorite Games:
Least Favorite Shows:
Least Favorite Music:
Least Favorite Bands:
Least Favorite Songs:
Least Favorite Sports:
Least Favorite Stores:
Least Favorite Subjects:
Least Favorite Numbers:
Least Favorite Websites:
Least Favorite Words:
Least Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

Languages: (What languages does your character speak and how fluently?)
Accent: (Self explanatory)
Voice: (High pitched, low pitched)
Speech Impediments: (Stutters, slurs, or whistles)
Greetings and Farewells: (How does your character say hello and goodbye?)
State of Mind: (Ask your character "how are you" and see how they respond)
Compliment: (Have your character say something nice)
Insult: (Have your character insult someone)
Expletive: (Can be an actual cuss (Ex: Dammit) or some kind of substitute. (Ex: Darn it!)
Laughter: (What does your character's laugh sound like?)
Tag Line: (Something your character says a lot in everyday sentences. Can often be filled with a sound or vocalization. Ex: Lol, dude, uh)
Signature Quote: (Something significant your character says. Doesn't have to be meaningful, just make it memorable.)

Reputation: (What does the general population think of your character?)
First Impressions: (What would you first think of this character upon meeting them?)
Stranger Impressions: (If someone was told about the character but didn't know them, what would they think?)
Friendly Impressions: (What do people who are friends or acquaintances of your character think of them?)
Enemy Impressions: (What do people who can't stand your character think? If you can't think of anyone who hates your character, we have a problem.)
Familiar Impressions: (What do people very close to your character think of them? Ex: Family, lovers)
Compliments: (What are some good things other people would say of your character? [heroic, good listener])
Insults: (Would anyone like to call your character a whore, jerk, or stupid?)
Self-Impression: (What does your character really think of themselves deep down?)

MBTI Personality Type: [Ex: ENTP, ISTJ]
Temperament: (Chloric/Sanguine/Melancholic/Phlegmatic) May also be called color types, such as yellow, red, blue, or green)
Enneagram: (The Reformer/The Helper/The Achiever/The Individualist/The Investigator/The Loyalist/The Enthusiast/The Challenger/The Peacemaker)
Ego/Superego/Id: (Superego is aims for perfection, society, and the idea of right and wrong. Id is unconscious desires and instincts - Which of these are they most driven by?
The Self: (The center/core of your character)
The Shadow: (The opposite qualities your character themselves does not believe they possess, but do subconsciously)
The Anima/Animus: (The part of the character of the opposite gender)
Persona/Mask: (What they present to the world, or the side they use to protect themselves)

Role: (What purpose does your character serve? [mentor, leader])
Fulfillment: (How well do they serve that role?)
Significance: (Why does your character matter?)
Alignment: (Good/Evil/Neutral/Lawful/Chaotic)
Comparison: (Compare your character to some kind of animal, object, or anything else you can think of.)
Symbol: (Does your character have any kind of recurring symbol that represents them? [Ex: a rose, a black cat, a sunset] Could be blatant or subtle.)
Song: (A song you think best suits your character)
Vice: (Pride/Greed/Gluttony/Lust/Envy/Sloth/Wrath)
Virtue: (Patience/Diligence/Chastity/Temperance/Charity/Kindness/Humility)
Defining Moment: (This is it. The single greatest moment of your character, when they truly become alive.)
Tropes: (What about your character is stereotypical or cliched? [You can't say nothing. Every character has some kind of cliche in them])
Originality: (What makes your character different from one like them?
One Word: (Use a single adjective to sum up your character in a nutshell)