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Well today was really bittersweet.
Me and Madison talked a lot. Which is good. :D Because he's just so weird.. and attractive.. eee~
But. When me him and Kate were standing in line to get lunch he said something that bothers me to NO end. Well, not really to no end. Just a little. It should bother me more than it does, actually. I said something about Gabby and he said that he wants to talk to Gabby but he's too scared. But here's the reason it doesn't bother THAT bad. There was something weird about the way he said it. And the fact that he'd say it to me. I don't really know if he'd consider me a friend yet and you don't just go spurting things like that to anybody. Especially the best friend. There are two reasonable explanations for this.
1. He wants me to tell her so that he can get things started.
2. He wants me to be jealous.
All things considered, maybe #1 is more likely. But I don't care. I choose to believe #2 because he's just been so nice to me. I really like him journal. ._. Too much. It's dangerous. I know I don't have to worry about Gabby betraying me though, because that girl's amazing. She knows I like him and she'd NEVER act upon what he said because she knows that'd hurt my feelings. :3 I love her.
Hopefully (unless #2 is true) I'll get over this dumb crush by the end of fall break. I hope so.
I'm not going to tell Gabby what he said because I don't want for her to feel uncomfortable. :B Poor Gabby. She always feel so weird about my various misfortunes.
Yesterday was really bad though. Momma told me I was lucky she loved me, because I'm awful and that really hurt my feelings. And me and Preston got in a fight about nothing really. xD
Also, today I almost broke my foot. I bingoed off of a step. Figures. xD